Assortment boxes


Assortment boxes have a series of small containers, enclosed in a case. These boxes are a popular category among portable storage units, owing to their utility in storing small items, such as nuts, bolts, pin, strips, hooks and other materials. The different small materials may be categorised and stored, without the risk of such small components mixing. These boxes also improve portability. It is very common for soldering or other jobs to come to a halt for want of a small, yet essential tool or accessory. An assortment box allows the technician to easily carry all the available components or tools with him, and prevent such situations. Assortment boxes are made in various types, distinguished by the size, dimensions and number of containers. The internal containers may themselves be of various sizes and dimensions. Some boxes may have multiple layers, such as a removable tray of containers, followed by a large space underneath to hold bigger tools, such as a soldering iron. The best boxes have smooth surfaces to reduce friction and are made of unbreakable plastic, such as a polycarbonate lid and a double-walled, polypropylene bottom section. The handle and the lock are often integral to the design, and the combined locking and unlocking mechanism facilitates a smooth, one-hand operation. The common colours of these boxes are anthracite and black.