Time Lag Relays


The time lag relay section covers all forms of timing relays from simple time delay, monostable and clock relays to star delta time delay and multifunction relays. A large percentage of timer relays can be found in the time lag relays for DIN-rail mounting section. These relays are usually designed to be compatible with standard 17.5mm-wide spacing, and their contacts are rated for operation at 300 volts phase to neutral, making them suitable for use on 250 volts AC. Other common relay widths are 6.2mm and 35mm. Control voltages may be either AC or DC, and it's not unusual to find that relays have multi-voltage capabilities. Another frequently used mounting option is the 8 and 11 pin circular plug-in timing relay, designed to fit a standard relay base. This has the advantage that a faulty relay can be exchanged without the need to touch the wiring, and this benefit also extends to the ability to fit a different type of relay into an existing base. Eleven pin relays can be fitted with up to three change-over contacts. Accessories for timer relays include external potentiometers, relay bases and adapters. Common suppliers are Omron, Finder, Siemens, Eaton, Phoenix Contact and Burgess Controls