Fittings & Tubes


In the field of pneumatics, fittings and check valves perform various functions in compressed gas systems. Fittings can make angled connections between hoses or split up sections of pneumatic piping with three-way splitters or twin branches. Each fitting is rated for the maximum amount of pressure that it is designed to cope with and also has a given operating temperature range. Straight plug-in connectors are a common type of pneumatic fitting and these come with various thread sizes and types, such as M5, R1/2” and Rc1/4. Check valves are often put to use in pneumatic control circuit systems. When ensuring flow is one-way only, they are referred to as a non-return valves. Some restrictor valves are used to regulate flow rates and have speed controller dials which can be adjusted manually. Other check valve technology sometimes includes a silencer, especially when used for a metering type of valve. They can also be used to function as bypass valves, which allow gas to pass around other components, like needle valves – products that restrict air flow in all directions.