Cable & Wire

Distrelec offer a wide range of cables and wires suited to multiple applications. Whether it’s A/V, data, RF, IDC, flat, mains or equipment wires, we have the product for you.

Our range of products is suited for a large variety of testing environments and situations that require more flexible or adaptable cabling / wiring. We also offer an assortment of accessories ranging from: glands, markers, entry systems, tubing and trunks.

What are cables and wires?

Cables are a collection of wires that have been twisted, bonded and braided together. Cables are then wrapped in a protective sheath or tubing to make sure the wires are not damaged.

Wires are metal rods or strands that can be found in most electrical and electronic applications. Both wires and cables carry electrical currents or data. Distrelec stock a variety of cables and wires to suit your project’s needs.

Cable assemblies

Cable assemblies are a useful product that is often used to transmit signals, which boasts the advantage of organising several individual cables in one easy to replace and maintain package. Distrelec also stock cable entry systems used to route cables into systems such as switch cabinets, electrical enclosures or control panels.