Mechanical components are the physical moving parts of appliances and projects that are sometimes the key aspect or purpose of specific systems. Distrelec stock an array of mechanical components for a range of purposes. Some of which include: gas springs, telescopic and linear motions, magnets, hinges and flexible mounting systems.

Telescopic and linear motions

Blinds and curtains typically use linear motion slides as these components are precise in measurement and aligned perfectly. Distrelec offer motion slides in a range of sizes and weight restrictions, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to purchasing components for your applications.

Mounting options

We offer a range of mounting components from simple standoffs to flexible mounting brackets. Our range of spacers and standoffs feature multiple sizes and materials, giving you plenty of choice when deciding on your mounting options.


Our assortment of magnets includes a range of circular bar magnets and permanent magnets. We have a range of sizes and types for use with most applications and projects.

Hinges and locks

Security is vital, and providing the most secure padlock or hinge for your storage compartments is our priority. We have gathered an array of expert lock mechanisms, all with various locking types, including combination and key. We have a range of heavy-duty locks and smaller safety locks.