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Distrelec supply an extended range of products and accessories ideal for cable joining and splicing. Junction boxes and terminals are also stocked to ensure you have a range of options for joining cables.

Cable joiners

Joiners are essential when working with wires and cables in awkward environments. Distrelec’s stock comes in a range of sizes and capacities to fit your needs.


The process of splicing is to separate a cable so that two end terminals can be connected to their respective cable conductors. Splicing cassettes sold by Distrelec are the housing for the beginning or the end of cable transmission paths.

Junction boxes

When two or more cables are carrying an electrical current, a junction box is an ideal place for protecting the junction and also to be easily found when maintenance needs to take place.

Top brands

  • Wago lead the market in their production of cable joiners. With a large catalogue of socket terminals and distribution connectors they ensure quality and experience in the industry.
  • AFL Hyperscale have vast experience in the fibre optic technology industry and produce quality products in the splicing market.

Distrelec stock a variety of cable joining and splicing solutions so suit your project needs.


Boxes, drawers and containers are made in many shapes and sizes. Assortment boxes contain several compartments, ideally suited for categorising and storing tiny items, such as different type of screws, bolts, and pins. Those with transparent covers offer easy visibility into the compartments. Many of these assortment boxes may be accessorised with tray inserts, to store more categories of items, without mixing. Drawer cabinets offer several small pull-out drawers, set within a sturdy frame, allowing for well-laid out, dustproof storage of a number of small items. These cabinets are available in various types, such as wall-mounted versions, table-top versions or rotating stands. Good models come with a pull-out locks, to prevent drawers from coming out completely and spilling the contents. Accessories such as labels, square cans and others improve the functionality of such storage systems. Transport and storage containers are relatively large boxes, many of them fitting pallets, and stackable. Such containers usually have hollow corners and a top-edge design, to enhance stability. Many containers have built-in slots, though accessories such as dividers and tray inserts are also widely available. Boxes, drawers and cabinets have different numbers of compartments or drawers, varying sizes of compartments, and different load capacity. Opt for robust boxes and containers, made with high-quality, breakproof plastic.