Whether it's batteries for your small appliances or power supplies for your office machines, Distrelec have you covered with our extensive range of power products. The assortment contains products from industry-leading manufacturers.

Products in our power range

  • Batteries: We offer both rechargeable batteries and standard batteries with an assortment of accessories.
  • Battery chargers: Both lead-acid and NiMH / NiCd / NiZn options are available in battery charging.
  • Converters: Whether it's USB converters, isolated converters, modules, DIN rail or front end converters, we have an array of high quality AC / DC converters to suit your application needs.
  • Power supplies: We have an array of power supplies with varied types and voltage rates. Some of the products include: switched-mode and medical on-board power supplies.
  • Solar power: From solar cells in different types, sizes and ratings to charge controllers, we have an extensive list of solar power products with accessories.


A transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another. This transfer will take place with a change of current and voltage.

Surge protection

Surge protectors are an essential item in the home and office for protecting important valuable electronic devices from surges of power. Power surges are a high volume of energy that passes through electrical devices. When that device is not designed and equipped to handle this high influx of voltage, components and other key parts of the device could be damaged. A surge protector can prevent this by only allowing the safe amount of electrical energy to pass through to the device.

Distrelec’s range of power products includes a range of external plug-in adapters and power supply accessories ideal for domestic and commercial use.


Power supplies convert any form of energy, be it mechanical, chemical or solar, to electrical energy that can supply power to any electrical load. These devices have a power input that receives energy from the source, and an output consisting of electrical, wireless or hardwired circuit connectors, to supply the load with electricity. These devices come in many types. Batteries, chargers, renewable and some other types produce direct current (DC), which is a unidirectional flow of electric charge, and low-voltage power. Many devices require more power than what DC provides, and as such, there is a need to convert DC to alternating current (AC), where polarity or flow of the electric current changes direction periodically, generating much higher power. There are several AC/DC power supplies in the market, such as industrial power DC/AC supplies. Switched-mode power supplies (SMPS) have a switching regulator that controls the conversion of electrical power very efficiently. Power supplies also come in many forms and models, and are highly differentiated. Many power supplies are stand-alone units, whereas others come fitted to larger devices. Lighting is another major category of electrical devices. Lighting technology consists of components such as electroluminescence panels, LED fittings and modules, LED drivers and others, all used to power light bulbs, LEDs and other light sources.