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RND - Build, Repair and Save Like Never Before

RND provides customers with a comprehensive range of products to meet the demands of electronic, electrical and maintenance professionals. Great quality and low prices combine, offering exceptional value and a product you can trust. All products in the RND assortment are carefully selected everyday products for you. We ensure the high quality of the products with strict quality inspections and all products comply with demanding industrial standards.

RND means:

You can save like never before

With RND products, you can trust the high quality of the products while enjoying the savings. This reduction in costs allows you to get a lot more for your money and vastly expends your development and maintenance possibilities. Over time, buying RND products means compounded savings resulting in a more efficient sourcing and procurement process and allowing for significant savings for your everyday operations.

You can build like never before

With low price high quality every day products you are able to build more. The RND assortment consists of 5000 products with new items added every month. Covering all your most used components RND helps you to cut on costs on the most frequent parts in your applications. You will benefit from RND both in production as well as refilling the workshop for research, development and prototyping.

You can repair like never before

A diverse portfolio of cables, components, connectors and measurement instruments is only a part of the value RND brings. Availability is key. RND products are always on stock and can be delivered in 24 hours thus helping you better manage your inventory and spare parts needs, for a more effective and predictable preventive and corrective maintenance work.

The RND assortment covers many product categories, including Connectors, Wire and Cable, Resistors, Capacitors, Switches and many more. With products being added every month, please continue to check our webshop for the latest new arrivals and hot offers.

If you have any questions regarding our new RND brand, please contact us at rnd@distrelec.com

RND Power

The RND Power product family includes the following products:

DC/AC Inverters, Power Supplies, Batteries

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RND Connect

The RND Connect product family includes the following products:

Adapters, Connectors, HDMI, USB

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RND Connect

The RND Cable product family includes the following products:

Cables, Wires

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RND Connect

The RND Components family includes the following products:

Enclosures, Fans, Resistors, Capacitors, Fuses, Switches

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RND Connect

The RND Lab product family includes the following products:

Power Supplies, Soldering, Tools, T&M

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