Security & Home Automation

Distrelec supply an extended range of products and accessories ideal for cable joining and splicing. Junction boxes and terminals are also stocked to ensure you have a range of options for joining cables.

Cable joiners

Joiners are essential when working with wires and cables in awkward environments. Distrelec’s stock comes in a range of sizes and capacities to fit your needs.


The process of splicing is to separate a cable so that two end terminals can be connected to their respective cable conductors. Splicing cassettes sold by Distrelec are the housing for the beginning or the end of cable transmission paths.

Junction boxes

When two or more cables are carrying an electrical current, a junction box is an ideal place for protecting the junction and also to be easily found when maintenance needs to take place.

Top brands

  • Wago lead the market in their production of cable joiners. With a large catalogue of socket terminals and distribution connectors they ensure quality and experience in the industry.
  • AFL Hyperscale have vast experience in the fibre optic technology industry and produce quality products in the splicing market.

Distrelec stock a variety of cable joining and splicing solutions so suit your project needs.

When it comes to security & home automation, Distrelec have you covered with an expansive range of CCTV cameras and recording devices to improve the protection methods of your home or building.

We also stock a variety of safes and storage boxes. We have a range of alarms and accessories from hand-held personal safety alarms to complex multi-room alarm systems. These alarms all have high-quality motion sensors built in to ensure you or your building are secure.


Sensors are used to provide data about a certain measurable valuable such as temperature, flow and motion. Alongside sensors we also have a selection of controllers for both pressure and temperature.


Transducers convert the energy type of an input to another. This can come in different forms, one being thermoelectric. Distrelec offer a range of measuring transducers for thermoelectricity.


Distrelec stock an array of thermostats with varied technical capabilities. Most of the thermostats we have are modern touch screen devices, however, we also have Wi-Fi chronothermostats for more advanced temperature control.


Automated building technologies come in many innovative forms, often manufactured by leading specialists, such as Siemens. Although a good deal of these technologies are used in the field of building safety, such as fire prevention and warning products, a number of the latest ones are more focussed ensuring buildings work at their optimum level for the people inside. Some automated technological advances for buildings, for example, deal with light control matters or HVAC air conditioning. Individual room temperature sensors are now installed in a good deal of big office buildings to allow heating and cooling technologies to be automated and delivered just where they are needed, for instance. In the field of building security, automated technological advances include a range of wireless cameras, miniature lenses and PIR motion detectors. In homes, automated building technology is now commonplace just as much as it is in commercial structures. Often retro-fitted to dwellings, products such as radio controlled humidity sensors and smart metering devices are frequently installed. Along with such professionally-fitted building products, some are designed for the mass consumer market and require no special skills to install. Examples of technologies that fall into this category include domestic dimming actuator socket adapters and wireless smoke detectors.