Switches & Relays

At Distrelec we stock a large range of Switches and relay products for a wide variety of applications. you will find products such as Automotive & Industrial Relays to Rotary & Toggle Switches. All from leading brands such as Würth Elektronik, Omron, Finder, TE Connectivity, Panasonic, Phoenix Contact and more.


  • Automotive relays: When a low amperage circuit needs an extra boost in power to carry out the application needs, a relay can be installed to ensure a secure connection throughout the whole circuit
  • Monitoring relays: Monitoring relays detect issues within power systems. The embedded circuitry makes this possible
  • Power relays: A power relay uses an electromagnetic coil to open or close a circuit
  • Reed relays: Reed relays use a magnetic field near to the reed relay contacts. This then causes the contacts to close together with their magnetic orientation
  • Safety relays: Safety relays are designed to stop switching on when faults have been detected
  • Solid state relays: Solid state relays function the same as most relays, however, as a solid state component they do not contain any moving parts, making them more reliable in the long term as physical damage is a low risk
  • Switches

    • DIP switches: DIP (duel in line package) switches are used in computing devices such as peripherals, motherboards, hard drives and printers to change the operating mode of the device
    • Grip switches: There are 3 positions on a grip switch: Off-On-Off. Rhe switch needs to be held in position 2 (On) to operate. This ensures that a device does not operate when the switch is not active
    • Joystick switches: Ideal in construction, these switches are used for operating machinery or systems by hand, allowing the user to move right, left, up and down.
    • Key operated switches: When access to a switch is restricted, a key switch is needed, ensuring an operation is secured to only allow certain people access to the operation
    • Rocker switches: The most common type of switch, the rocker switch is used for on/off processes such as light switches and power switches for appliances
    • Rotary switches: Another common on/off switch, the rotary switch uses a turning motion to navigate between on and off and sometimes more options when a user is prompted to select a certain level of power

    Components and accessories

    Along with this wide range of relays and switches we stock a variety of components and accessories to be used in conjunction with our products, such as: assembly hardware, switch bodies & enclosures, switch caps & lenses, switch contact blocks, relay heat sinks and relay sockets.

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