Clamp Meters

Also known as volt-ohm meters, multimeters are measuring devices used to measure voltage, current, resistance and an array of other measurable electrical values. Both analogue and electrical versions are available in the Distrelec online store.

Clamp meters

Clamp meters feature an attachment clip that clamps onto any cable, wire or electrical conductor. This allows the device to then record data on any part of the electrical conductor. Clamp meters can measure AC and DC currents without interrupting the flow of the circuit. This is ideal for maintenance work and installations as it reduces delays whilst testing conductors.

Multimeter applications

  • Voltage measurements – high / low DC measurement
  • Current measurements – DC current measurement
  • Resistance measurements – micro ohm meter
  • Frequency and time measurement

Clamp meter applications

  • Industrial maintenance
  • Electrician trade
  • Service repair
  • Installation issues
  • Planned maintenance work

Distrelec offer a wide variety of multimeters and clamp meters with different measuring capacities depending on your requirements, manufactured by industry-leading brands.