Temperature & Environmental Monitoring Devices

Distrelec stock a wide variety of different temperature and environmental monitoring devices, all of which are manufactured by leading brands who take care in ensuring all of their products are of high quality to suit your needs.


Thermometers come in a range of different types, all of which have different methods of acquiring thermal data. One example of this would be a probe usually found in a domestic kitchen for detecting the temperature of food by placing the probe in the food and taking a reading of the temperature.

IR thermometers

IR thermometers use infrared technology to accurately determine the temperature of a surface that you are pointing the laser at. These thermometers usually come in the form of a handheld device that can be pointed at objects and provides a temperature on the device's interface.

Thermal imagers

Thermal imagers use an integrated signal processing unit. This is a circuit board that contains a chip with the purpose of converting thermogram data to a digital image that is then shown on the device's interface. The thermogram is created by an infrared detector.

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A huge range of measuring instruments is available for what can loosely be described as environmental monitoring. High-tech thermometers can be of the contact (thermocouple) or non-contact (usually IR) type. Multi-purpose instruments cover various measurement parameters, such as humidity, temperature, air velocity, light and sound. For weather monitoring, relative humidity, dew-point and wet-bulb readings can be taken, and it is possible to purchase a complete weather station. Other monitors allow for CO and CO2 readings, and various water quality measurements can be taken, including for turbidity and dissolved oxygen. Vibration and sound-level meter readings have many applications and tachometers can be used either as contact or non-contact instruments. Light meters and UV light meters add to the lineup with instruments for force, pressure and even electro-magnetic field being available. Monitoring on a more personal level is provided for by blood pressure and heartrate monitors. Even high-precision weighing scales and watches can be provided. It is fair to say that if there is a parameter to be measured, suitable monitoring equipment can be located.