Pliers & Plier Sets


Pliers are some of the most common hand tools and are found in every DIY toolkit, but in the electrical world they are used for much more than simply as gripping tools. Different tasks require different tools and pliers are made in many different sizes and forms. General purpose combination pliers may often prove adequate for day-to-day gripping, squeezing and cutting requirements, but more delicate work will invariably require less clumsy tools, and long-nosed and side-cut pliers are some of the most popular, with precision electronic work requiring pliers with miniaturised jaws. There will always be occasions when heavy-duty tools are needed, such as water pump pliers and cable cutters, but in general, precision is a major consideration. Insulation is always given a high priority and special sets are available, designed specifically for electrical use. Work with ESD-sensitive components will also require tools with dissipative handles, and a range of pliers is specially designed for work in such environments. Many tasks can only be properly carried out by using specially designed types of pliers, such as stripping pliers, circlip pliers and crimping pliers. As is always the case, having the correct tools makes any job much easier and it makes sense to have a wide and varied choice of pliers.