Nätverk, data och kommunikation

Network analysers - When you want to test the quality of your network you need a network/grid analyser. Voltage, frequency and current are all recorded with these devices. Additionally, unwanted disturbances including harmonics, transients and other factors can be detected by network analysers.

Fibre optics

Fibre optic testers find out how much optical data is lost in the specified cable. Distrelec offer an extensive range of fibre optic testing products including adaptors, testers and cleaners. This range comes from leading manufacturers ideal to suit your domestic or commercial needs.

PC / multimedia cable testing

Cables for computers and other media devices do need testing in both domestic and commercial environments. With Distrelec’s range of cable testers, you will be able to test: HDMI, LAN and a range of network cables.

Telecom measuring instruments

Distrelec supply an assortment of telecom testing equipment in full kits or accessories to complete a set. Clips and pins are supplied with most sets and can be connected to wires anywhere in the cabling system for your telephone. Monitor calls with any of our telecom testing kits made by leading manufacturers.